This blog is basically going to be about me. And who am I then, you might ask.

Well, I am a 23-year-old woman, who is just trying to figure out her life. Lately I have been on the journey to find out who I really am, what makes me, you know ME, what my purpose in life is and just what makes me happy. Oh, and I absolutely love reading books and writing.

I am currently a college student, trying to finish up my bachelor’s degree in business, and I am actually almost done, I only need to pass one exam and then write my bachelors thesis, that is great right? Well both yes and no, these last few months I have been taking a break from studying, because I am dealing with anxiety and depression. Taking a break from studying is what sparked this journey of figuring out my life as well as who I am, because I had a lot of doubts about everything, and is still do.

During this journey the last couple of months, well actually for a couple of years now, I have been writing my problems down as well as all the good and all the bad things that have happened in my life down in a diary. Which have helped me reflect on everything that is going on. Writing all of that down have helped me A LOT.

While wiring this down, I have realized that one of the biggest and most consistent topics in my diary have been, feeling alone in this situation, like I am the only young adult feeling like I have nothing figured out, feeling like I am a failure because I do not live up to my own expectations, as well as what I think other people expect of me. As well as feeling alone with my anxiety and depression. And lately I have been feeling like I am the only one who is having doubts about my education 3,5 years in. And I know I am not the only one who feels like this, trust me I know but somehow, I still feel alone.

Since writing down what is going on in my life have helped me so much, then why not make it public? Maybe someone will read it relate to what I am going through, and then that person will not feel so alone. And even if no one will ever read this blog, or if somehow someone stumbles across this blog and does not relate to anything I will be writing, I am okay with that, because I know writing this will be helping me.

So, this blog will more or less contain everything I normally write in my diary and give you an insight into what is going on inside my mind, the struggles I am and probably will be going through in the future, how I deal with everything that is going on. In this blog I will basically be documenting my journey to becoming who I am meant to become and me trying to figure out my life. So this blog will basically be about me, trying to figure shit out, and figuring out what makes me, you know, me.