Why I Love Poetry

Hi Everyone,

So, this blog post is a bit different than anything I have posted, however I would like to share one of my biggest loves with you, because I am done being selfconsious about the things I love and I am going to be proud of it. And one of the things I love the most in this world is poetry.

The other day someone asked me why I like to read poetry? I had a difficult time explaining why I love poetry, because the answer is both very simple and very complicated. The simple answer is that I find poetry to be one of the most beautiful things in the world, but for me, poetry is something much bigger than just a beautiful piece of art. Poetry speaks to me, and I often find my self getting lost in the books. Poetry makes me question both myself and others, it makes me see things from a different perspective. Poetry makes be realise new ways to grow as a human. How do you explain all of this to someone who doesn’t see the beauty in poetry?  Maybe I am not supposed to explain it, but really want to. I no longer want to be ashamed of enjoying things like poetry, and I don’t want to hide it anymore. So I am going to try and explain it here, and maybe then I will know what to say the next time someone asks me the question. And maybe it will inspire someone else to try and read poetry, who knows.

I am very open minded person, and I like to read different types of poetry and I like to try and read poetry from different eras. However, I currently prefer reading poetry which I can relate to, and which inspires me to grow and become a better version of myself. But I also love poetry which makes me think and where I have to read it a couple times in order to fully understand what both the author wants to say and how it can relate to me.

These three books are my favorite poetry books.
To the left: “Der bor en ung pige i mig som ikke vil dø” poetry collection by Tove Ditlevsen
In the middle: “seeds planted in concrete” by Bianca Sparacino
To the right: “The strength in our scars” by Bianca Sparacino

Lately I have been reading a lot of poetry, and I have fallen in love with Bianca Sparacino and her work. Her books ‘The strength in our scars’ and ‘Seeds planted in concrete’ are two of favorite books together with a poetry collection by a Danish author. I absolutely love Bianca Sparencino’s books and her writing style, and I have read through those two books multiple times since I ordered them back in June.

Last week I read through ‘the strength in our scars’ again, and there were a few poems that really spoke to me right now, and during the past few days I have been thinking a lot about them and how true it actually and I want to find ways to accept it into my life.

Here are a few of the poems which really spoke to me:

One of the poems begins with “I am slowly learningwhat it means to be human.” And it ends with “I am slowly learning how to simply believe in the person I am becoming.”

For me the poem is about learning to move on, finding out who you are after losing people and slowly learning who you are after losing a lover, a friend or a family member. When I read this poem I slowly began to realise that it is okay for me to just move on and be happy with who I am becoming, and even though I have made mistakes in past relationships and everything will be okay. That it is okay that I choose to focus on myself, and instead of running away from my issues then it is okay to just stop and breath. While reading this specific poem, I realised how important it is to just live in the moment and feel whatever is going on in my life both the good and the bad.

“What is the point in being alive if you are not going to try for something? … don’t just fantasize about your dream job – actively pursue it, and if that door is not open, knock it down. … Please, just choose impossibility. Choose risk. Choose making mistakes and making memories and making it up as you go. Just choose to embrace whatever time you do have here, because life is finite, and fragile, and it vanishes too quickly. Mith it worth it. Make it count.”

Bianca Sparacino

Another poem that spoke to me was the one mentioned above. The poem felt very provocative when I first read it, but maybe that is what you need in order to change and grow? I certainly know that I started to realise that I need to appreciate the life I have right now, and not just wait for things to change. I need to be the hero of my own story. I need to fight for what I want. I need to start knocking down doors and walls if I want to achieve my goals. And I need to stop being scared of being rejected and all of the what if’s. After reading this poem, I have actually started the battle of knocking down doors and walls to achieve my goals and dreams, and today I have applied for 10 jobs outside Europe. I know it is going to be difficult finding a job outside Europe, but at least I am not accepting being defeated before I start.

My favorite poem right now, is a poem in Danish named ‘Så tag mit hjerte’ and the title translates to ‘Take my heart’, this poem is by a Danish author/poet named Tove Ditlevsen and it is almost a letter to the one who holds your heart, and letting that person know that they have to be careful because that person has the power to break you. I think it is a very beautiful piece, and it is something I will remember when the next time I am falling in love.

I have five more poetry books just waiting for me to read them, and those books are:
‘This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck’ by Janne Robinson
‘The Princess Saves Herself in This One’ by Amanda Lovelace
‘The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One’ by Amanda Lovelace
‘The Mermaid’s Voice Returns in This One’ by Amanda Lovelace
‘Salt Water’ by Brianna Wiest
And I am so excited to read these books and find out how they are going to inspire me.

The beautiful thing about poetry is that you can find a poetry collection or just a single poem that you can relate to right now, no matter what you are going through, and your understanding of a poem will change together with you.

So why do I love poetry? I love it because it is a beautiful form of art, which has the power to make you feel many different emotions. It has the power to make you want to change. It has the power to make question things in your own life and in the world. And it has the power to make you think.

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