Breaking Me…

Why am I not good enough for you?
What did I do to deserve all the criticism you give me?
“You should wear your hair up more often, it looks nice that way, and maybe then guys will start to like you more.
You should do something about your skin, maybe clean it or put some makeup on it.
Did you gain weight? Maybe you should stop eating so much and go for a walk instead.
Those jeans look awful on you.
Maybe you should go get a tan, because you are too light.
You should be more open and outgoing,
actually, you should just be more like your sister! Because she is perfect.
If you don’t start changing your appearance and personality, then you will never find a guy who will love you.”
Do you think you are helping me?
Because you are not helping me,
but you are breaking me.
Sometimes I wish you weren’t a part of my life,
but I still have hope that you will change someday,
and just love me for who I am.

P. U.

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