A Letter to Myself

Hi Everyone,

So this blog post is going to be a little bit different, I am going to share a letter I wrote to myself on my birthday on the 11th of July, and this letter is something I am going to read through the days I am feeling down. So here it goes:

Dear Pernille

What a year huh? So much have happened during these last 12 months, and I am proud of you. I you’re your 23rd year was a difficult year, but you just need to remember that god gave you these trials because he knew that you were strong enough to get through them, and he knew that you would grow as person and become stronger than you ever imagined, you just need to believe in your self and have faith that everything will turn out okay.

I would like to share some advice/knowledge/wisdom with you, which you can look back at throughout the tough times ahead of you.

  1. You are so much stronger than you think. At times you might think that your anxiety and depression makes’ you weak. But every time you have those thoughts, just know that it is not true, these things are not weaknesses they are your strengths. I know the arguments you have created are strong, believe me I also believe these arguments, but these arguments are only going to be valid if you believe in them. I know, that is easier said than done, and some days you will believe the arguments that you are weak, but speaking from experience, you will slowly see that there is nothing to back up these arguments, because look at everything you have been through in your life, if that doesn’t make you strong, then I don’t know what will.
  2. Take your mental health seriously! Not just when you are feeling down, but also when you feel like you are on top of the world. We both know, that you tend to overdo everything, and as soon as you feel good, then you can do everything. And who knows maybe you can, maybe you have grown even more, but just promise me you will be aware of the signs your body gives you. Here is a few of the signs I have to be aware of right now: 1. I only want to be locked inside my room/house, and the thought of going to the grocery store gives me anxiety. 2. If I lose my appetite and stop eating, even if it just for a few days or a week. 3. If I start to feel restless and agitated daily. 4. If I get more angry than usual, especially around the people I love. 5. If I become overwhelmed and sad about small irrelevant changes in my life. These are the 5 things I have to be aware of right now, but who knows, maybe they have changed for you?
  3. Ride the wave. If you find yourself going through a though time, just know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Get the help you need in order to get through it, and just ride the wave until it has passed.
  4. If you feel lonely, then just know it is okay. I can’t really give you any advice on how to get out of the loneliness, because this is something I am still struggling with. But I can give you some advice on what you might do in order to avoid it. Don’t cut your friends out of your life, just because of things that is going on inside your head and you think it will make everything easier, because I won’t make everything easier. If you start thinking about cutting your close friends out of your life, then please take a step back, and really think about the reasons behind, maybe the reasons are legit, ten you should definitely cut them out, but maybe the reason you want to cut them out is because you are not feeling great? This is just from personal experience, so I might be wrong.
  5. Don’t be afraid to let people in. the only way you will ever get close to people and make strong connections with people, is if you allow them to get to know you! I know it is scary and difficult, but please just try.
  6. Live your life, don’t spent so much time thinking about the what ifs of the future, but spend more time living in the present. Go out, meet new people, go new places, go on dates and don’t be afraid of falling in love.

I really hope you will take these advices to heart and keep them in the back of your mind, and just know that everything will be alright and that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason will be clear and other times you will have no idea what the reason is, and that is also okay, because when you least expected it, you will see everything clearly.

I hope this will make as much sense for you as it does for me! And just know that you are a strong and incredible woman, and I am proud of you.

I Love You!

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